Preventative Maintenance

We buy our vehicles expecting them to last a long time. We look at how the city and highway mileage will be for our commutes. We look at the technology and safety features to see how our drives will become more fun and convenient. To keep enjoying all of these commodities, you need to keep in mind preventative maintenance.

Learn when it's time for new:

Learn how to figure out when it is time for new brakes.

Gradual wear happens on your brake pads over time so it may be difficult to pinpoint when it is actually time to replace them. We wrote out some common signs of when brake pads are starting to wear down.

High-pitched squeal:

Many brake pads have a “wear indicator” that emits an audible warning when time for replacement.

Grinding noise:

Metal-on-metal noise can be caused by the backing plate grinding against rotors, due to worn brake pads.

Brake Pad Thickness:

Generally, if pads are less than 2-3mm thick, they likely need to be replaced. And if less than 4-5mm, they are nearing replacement.


If your car feels like it pulls to one side when braking, this can be caused by brake pads wearing unevenly, dirty brake fluid, a collapsed brake hose, or a stuck caliper.

Pedal Responsiveness:

If your brake pedal is not as responsive as it once was, or it feels soft/mushy, this may signal a problem in the brake fluid system.

At Moritz Kia Alliance, we keep your safety top of mind.

Come visit our dealership to find peace of mind for a brake inspection by our fully trained Kia technicians.

When should you get your batteries replaced?

You can expect your car batteries to go thousands of miles without any maintenance needed. There are factors that could cut down on the lifespan of your battery. Some of these factors include climate and driving habits. If your car becomes sluggish feeling whenever you start it, it may be in your best interest to bring it in to have your battery tested.

Kia Battery Service

Factors that can shorten your battery’s life are:

Severe Temperatures:

Your battery should be inspected every six months, and in areas of high heat/cold, this becomes even more imperative.

Lights are left on:

Even if your vehicle starts, the battery may have lost a lot of its reserve power.

Corrosion or Leakage:

This is likely a sign that your battery is not operating at 100%.

Moritz Kia Alliance offers Genuine Kia batteries.

These batteries are built for quality, long life and dependability.

Here are some features you can expect with every Kia Genuine Battery:

Genuine Kia batteries meet or exceed Kia’s reserve capacity specifications and cold cranking amps specifications.

Positive grid cover can help prevent corrosion.

Special electrolyte additive improves battery charging effectiveness, especially following severe discharge.

All Kia dealerships nationwide can service these batteries, which is especially helpful when your are traveling.

Time for new tires?

At one point or another, you will need to replace your tires. At Moritz Kia Alliance we have a tire center to help you out when that time comes. Our Kia experts will help you to find the right tires at the right price.

Kia Tire Service

Our factory-trained technicians will first check your tire tread depth and pressure. If it’s determined that you need replacement tires, our experts will help find the set that is right for your Kia. Here are some reasons to buy tires from us:

  • We will have the right tires for your Kia model
  • Our tire prices are competitive
  • Your tires will be expertly installed by factory-trained technicians
  • We stock high quality, name brand tires including: Hankook, Kumho, Goodyear, Nexen, Michelin, Dunlop, Yokohama, and more
  • All eligible tires come with 24-month road hazard coverage
  • Our dealership is a convenient one-stop shop for all of your vehicle’s needs

New tires also help you stop sooner on wet roads!

A professional driver took nearly 10 car lengths longer to stop on worn tires than he did on new tires.

While your stopping distance may vary, newer tires can help you stop sooner.

When Will You Know It’s Time for New Wipers?

You’ll know it’s time to replace your wiper blades when you see these signs of wear:

  • Cracked, split, torn, brittle, worn
  • Chatter, streak, or fail to wipe cleanly

Wiper blades tend to wear evenly, so even if only one blade appears worn, the other isn’t far behind. You should replace both wiper blades at the same time.

Kia Wiper Service