Genuine Parts

Genuine vs. Not So Genuine

There is no comparison.

The Genuine Difference

Brake Pads:

Respond and stop as designed

Smooth stop

High quality pads

Genuine Kia Brake Pads

Body Panels:

Guaranteed performance and fit

High quality steel

Covered by Kia warranty **

Designed for your Kia to original specs

Genuine Kia Body Panels

Buy Genuine Kia Parts at Moritz Kia Alliance

Buying parts to your vehicle to a great way to cut costs if you know how to fix the problem. We are proud to say that our parts center offers genuine Kia parts. These parts are directly from the original equipment manufacturer. This all ensures that your vehicle will be compatible. .

All Parts are Not the Same

Sometimes you never know what you are buying, whether it be where it is from or what the history of the part is. We want to let you know what you may find in other repair marketplaces.

Aftermarket Parts

These parts have no affiliation with Genuine Kia Parts and are manufactured and supplied by another company. These parts are not covered by any warranty.

Salvage Parts

Salvage parts are usually obtained from a totaled vehicle or one that has been in a wreck. No one may know where they came from, which brings their reliability and fit into question. They are not covered by any Kia warranty.

Counterfeit Parts

Counterfeit Parts are parts that look like they are from the manufacturer, but instead are not made for Kia vehicles. They are often sourced outside the country and are made to look identical to what you would expect. These parts, however, have not been safety tested and will not fit or function as they should.

Your One-Stop Shop for Genuine Parts

  • Brakes
  • Batteries
  • Tires
  • Windshield Wipers
  • Oil Filters
  • Service Fluids
  • Cabin Air Filters
  • Engine Air Filters

**Kia Genuine replacement parts (except battery) installed by an Authorized Kia Dealer under warranty are covered for the greater of (1) the duration of the New Vehicle Limited Warranty or (2) the first 12 months from the date of installation of the Kia Genuine replacement parts or 12,000 miles.